Name: Razz Khan

Business Name: The Fusion Brand


The Fusion Brand is a boutique web design & digital marketing agency, who have been operated for over 12 years.

Within our web design business, we are on a mission is to tell as many stories as we can to as many people as we can. Just like us, every business owner has a story to tell – their passion for doing what they do, the reason they got into their business and their “why”​. We do this by using colors, content and great visual branding.

Within our Digital Marketing Services, we consult with frustrated and struggling small business owners who want a marketing program that is affordable and easy to execute and which will help them implement the exact strategies and tactics they need so that they can instantly generate more leads, attract more clients and grow their business to the level they first imagined when they went into it.

We are no different from other Digital Marketing Agency, with one exception. All of our management team have operated their own successful businesses. So, we understand not only the mindset of our business clients, but we also understand what their customers are seeking.